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So, Boden. Love their colors, love their prints and their embellishments, love their accessories and their photo shoot locations, but people, most of all, I love how they pair their items. When that small book of beauty (that some call a catalog) arrived in my mailbox, I smiled big. It’s January. I needed inspiration. So I opened it up and poured through the pages, paying no attention to price (Am I going to buy a simple A-line skirt for $100? I think not, plus as I look back at outfit pics of me, I’m thinking pencil skirts might be the way to go with these curves). First up, page one or two or whatever page they called it, but the first picture. Bingo.

So I didn’t have thin-stripe capris, nor do I exist in model make-believe land where you can wear capris during a Midwest January (oh, wait, you could have, like one week ago, but that’s another story),  but I did have a green and white print cardigan and a goldenrod bolero, so this was the result.

I do still like the shades they had better, but guess what, mine was free (well not originally, but you know what I mean). Someone had a similar idea to me (as I’m sure many others have as well). Check out the article she wrote here. And another article gave a rundown of items ordered and tried from the catalog by her whole family in a test to see how much of her loyalty Boden deserved. Though I thought her assessments of the individual items were pretty spot on, I had to wonder if the 40- something mother she claimed was the target buyer pertained more to the UK line than the US one. I am not above dressing ten years my senior, and I’ll admit it, but 15 or 20? And the models, are my age (late 20s) or early 30s. And the clothes look good on them, not silly. Thoughts?

Next up…

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t need much help smiling on a Friday morning, but whatever the case may be, these videos can’t be missed.

–> An ASL video to a pop song

I was shown this video by a friend staying over last night. And, it’s just so fun! Now some who have actually taken ASL will see and think, wow, his hands are ALL OVER THE PLACE, but does really clear signing from what I can tell. It’s also nice that below the words, they have the actual ASL translation. Now I get a little bit why people like MC.

–> What, what, what are you doing,  Second City? Part I.

–> What, what, what are you doing, Second City? Part II.

–> What, what, what are you doing, Second City? Part III.

If you are still laughing, don’t stop, my 60 something year old co-worker showed me these. I know! Her son evidently knows the people that put these together. Any ideas of where the Sassy Gay Friend should pop up next? I personally liked the comment of seeing him in some Austen.

Have a lovely day!

Hop, hop, hop.

Dear Jessica,

Your acceptance letter was mailed last Friday and I do hope you will be joining us this summer!

If it doesn’t come by the beginning of next week, email me and I’ll send it all via email. Snail mail can be maddeningly slow.



And that’s how I found out that I got in to their MFA program in Children’s Lit. Yeah! Yehaw! Cow-a-bunga! Dude! Yipee!

Also, for a little ditty, see my about page.





During the month of February, The Art Institute of Chicago had an exhibit of original framed illustrations from Coretta Scott King Award winning books, along with the books themselves. I got a chance to see this display on Sunday, and was so glad I did. One of these books was titled, “The Blacker the Berry,” and won my heart. Using gorgeous faded oil illustrations, and poetic verse, the book highlights the beautiful and varied skin tones of each African-American child featured among its pages. Here is my favorite poem from the book:

” The Sun toasted me tan

Then chin in his hand

Sat back and admired his work

I am mango mellow

And gooseberry good

I am so toasty

The sun calls me

His toasty child

I am so toasty

I make the sun smile”

And that is my little gift to you this Tuesday morning. Plunk.

So I’ve been a bit soggy as of late. And as you might imagine, sogginess makes one heavier, lazier, and tireder. This is my excuse for not blogging for the last three months. That and the fact that even though I was soggy, I had to do a lot of running around/ work, which is difficult to do. I will post about these last three months soon though. Now, for the crazy amount of dreams I’ve remembered in the last week:

Last week

1. I have these recurring wedding dreams where I get to my wedding day, can’t remember the grooms name (don’t know him very well), and in the end call the whole thing off on account of me coming to my senses. Feel free to analyze the hell out of it, I have:) But last week, was a first in this dream sequence. Yes, I went through with it. Through a series of events I got married to a guy I met the day of the wedding because the original guy I was going to marry, had second thoughts since there was another girl in the picture. I wasn’t even in love with the first guy. Geesh!

2. One of my co-workers shows up at a house that I used to live in, late at night. Just stopping by to chat, after a trip he went on. He seems uneasy. Then he leaves, and there is another knock at the back door. I am the only one who is awake. It’s my dept. chair, and she’s in tears. She apologizes, but she has to let my mom go, and would I please let my mom know. And then I let her have it. I just totally erupt. ‘She’s one of the best employees you’ve got, she’s loyal, over qualified, yada, yada,’ GRR, flapping of hands, reddening of face…And then I have to go wake up my parents and tell them, and man. You don’t need to tell me that’s messed up, I know.

3. I live in this weird modern designed mansion in the woods surrounded by shacks with a much older guy I met in the city. I’m a trophy something, I don’t think wife…bunny?

It was a stressful week, okay?

This week

1. I adopt a chimp named Hannah rather impulsively. I take her everywhere with me. It’s fun, until it’s not. She a lot of responsibility, which when I bring her over to my parents, they reiterate, A LOT. At one point I leave her in the car, an accident, and feel really guilty afterwards.

Enough for now. Can’t recall any others. Hopefully your brains aren’t about to explode.

Thunk. ZZZZzzzz.

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