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Meowface (a.k.a. Lina) is enjoying her new catnip toy. I cannot count how many toy/cat item ‘fails’ I’ve racked up with this cat. I thought her playing function was broken. 

I was ashamed. Had I not engaged her in enough play when she was a younger cat? Was she depressed all the time? Answer. Get her high using a catnip toy. Her world got a lot better. The toy got a lot worse.

Within five, ok, no 10 seconds of placing it on the floor for her inspection, she had ripped out the first of three feather bunches at the end of the ball.

Later that day, all the feathers were out. By day 3 she had done some serious work on the twine wrapping. As I was thinking about the post last night I dug in the garbage for the item instructions/warnings. Here is where this post’s title comes from. “Advice for use: Observe your pet’s behavior with the product for suitability. Some toys may be inappropriate for your pet. Remove or replace if damage or separation is detected.”

Well, inappropriate or not, I’m letting her keep the darn ball. She may make unattractive noises when she gnaws on the nub where the feathers used to be, and she may have misplaced her dignity by rubbing and rolling, plopping and bending in a desire to get at the catnip, and she may continue to tare this thing up, but she’s acting more like a cat and less like a lump and I like it.

I read an enlightening blog post by a lady who kept a journal of her spending on clothing, accessories, and shoes for all of 2011, and then shared it with her readership. Ah! She broke it down into new, foreign, thrift, and online purchases (Etsy & Ebay). Discussed, were price tallies from each category as well as an overall read on how useful/wearable her purchases ended up being. Though I did not buy three pairs of Fluevog boots, I have already made quite a buying statement for this month already. Lord help me, those sale e-mails I get from Amazon, Groupon, and Ann Taylor Loft are my kryptonite.  And the sales themselves. 60% of SALE items! Well, now these new items are at trendy thrift store prices, and I have been in need of a pajama set for *cough* years! What am I getting to?

Monthly ‘sum-of-things.’ Yes, that’s right. Instead of fainting away as I sum up a whole years worth of  ‘Closet Buying,’ (because that where my accessories, shoes and clothes live, and because it’s stuff that I may sneek into the house so my guy housemates don’t roll their eyes), I will go month by month. I also like this approach because it gives me 12 time to look at my spending and think. Think about whether a two week old item is as invaluable as I thought it would be when bought, think about the quantity of stuff purchased in a given month, think about new items vs. thrifted ones, and think about how I want the next month to be. I may include price eventually, but for now, I’m not. Here we go:


Wood cut necklace (Seattle boutique)

Turquoise and metal, two strand beaded necklace (fair trade, TTV)

————-* chunky necklace (fair trade, TTV)


Green-ish teal cardigan with ribbon detail (ATLOFT)

Light peach tee with stripped detail (ATLOFT)

Spruce green-ish blue 3/4 knit top with banding (ATLOFT)

Magenta and grey 3/4 knit top with banding (ATLOFT)

Navy wool slacks (ATLOFT)

Pajama set -bottoms: flannel white and gray animal spots pattern, top: knit brown-gray long sleeve (ATLOFT)

Jean trousers, dark wash (ATLOFT)


Black -below knee- boots with buckle detail (Buffalo Exchange)

After taking these pictures and simply looking at and re-trying on some of the items I’ve decided to take back two of the knit tops because (1) my buying this month was excessive, (2) the cut of the shirts didn’t do great things for my figure, and (3) the print of the magenta one was just not ‘me’ enough.

Top accessory pick: the wooden necklace.  The cut of it’s unique, whimsical and clean, is an interesting length and color/grain, plus it will remind me of Seattle when I wear it (and the good friends I have there).

Top clothing pick: Fun-ily enough, the pajamas. A close second would be the cardi, but no, it’s the pjs. I am rocking them right now. Loving the coloring and fabric of the top, and the flannel fabulous-ness of the pants, and guys, they match, but not in a lame middle-school way. I finally have cool pjs.

Top shoe pick: Okay, even though I only had one pair to look at, even if there were ten, the second-hand Seattle boots would still win out. I love ’em. They are simple enough to dress up, dress down, wear with pants and an over-sized shirt or over leggings, paired with a skirt, belt and top. And they fit my calves. And they rescued my poor feet after being soggy for a few hours (the shoes I trudged around in during that rainy Seattle day, will never recover).

Flops: The shirts, and woohoo, they still have the tags so, back to the store they go!

*May end up being gifted, so it didn’t appear in the picture, nor did I want to reveal details about it.

May 11

After far too many days in Forks, WA, among angst-y teens and moody vampires, I am now returning to the English countryside to spend a topsy-turvy few days among chess pieces, and a curious seven and-a-half year old. Where next? Tulsa, of course, and among a gang of misfit boys no less. There are so many people and places to visit before June 19th, real and fictitious!

Now, for the here and now: I feel a real rumbly in my tumbly, as fruits and grains are good for, I don’t know, a squirrel, but as small as I am, I am not a squirrel! There will be dreams tonight of corn on the cob, cooked tofu (someone else would have to prepare it), lentil soup, hummus, bread (oh, my love, how I’ve missed you), carrots, couscous, tuna melt, mashed potato spinach casserole, and I could go on, and on, and oh wait, ON! Why, all this ______ ? Because I’m doing the micro-CHIP program for 30 days. And I’m currently on the 7 day cleanse, the first two days being…well, cleansing. We shall see how this all goes.

May 13

So, an update on the food: Homemade Toast and I went to the farmer’s market last night and got whole grain bread (no I am not inferring that we picked up guys!), snap peas, asparagus, and portobello mushrooms (for portobello burgers, OMGsh, I’m so excited). I am on day 4 of the 7 day cleanse, and yesterday I was allowed to eat (for lunch) a cooked yam with raisins, and lentil soup (I wimped out and didn’t eat the salad), and for dinner,  Homemade Toast made a veggie stew, and I had toast with natural jam (perhaps a no, no, but hey, if there ain’t extra sugar added!). Today I will have pineapple, half a grapefruit, leftover stew, and probably the other half of the yam, and then for dinner more of the yummy lentil soup, and toast, and ?. Now, French Toast, knowing I was doing this, texted me with a picture yesterday of something he was about to eat: A Chai Tea, Milk Chocolate, Theo Bar.  He can be a mean little tease! Well, I’m still staying strong, somehow. That was a lot of ‘S’s.


Nom, nom, nom.

Evidently I have Music Man on the brain, among other things. Anyway, it’s off to the library for me once work is done for the day. Today, Wednesday, Thursday, and perhaps even Friday. Even though I batted my eyes at the pair of books I had on my reading schedule for these past two weeks, they haven’t been reading themselves. For shame! I let them sleep next to me, come along to Michigan City, see where I work, and get carried around in my purse. I even made a pretty bookmark with the schedule on it, which is currently inside Twilight. And they couldn’t do this little thing for me! Sigh.*

Well, I do have a week of wiggle room, I was just hoping to use it later as opposed to sooner. I’ll let you know how it goes…bzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

*I’m actually half way through Twilight, and a few chapters into Through the Looking Glass

On Saturday, amidst diligent work, and forgetfulness regarding everything not application related, I left a forlorn piece of toast resting in the toaster for a matter of hours. Yes, that means, I even forgot to eat. Who does that? Anyway, now I’m feeling a little like I’ve been left in the toaster, I don’t know if I’ll be re-toasted or tossed, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

For those who don’t know, I recently applied to a grad school for the pursuit of Children’s Literature. It’s been three days since the school received my $4o, portfolio of creative pieces, my on-line application (with my STATEMENT OF PURPOSE), letters of recommendation, and the chance to alter my future.

In all honesty, it feels strange being at the stage in the process where the application is no longer in my hands. After spending hours rewriting and editing, receiving critiques, stressing, dreaming, and hoping, now I must wait. The woman I have been in contact with says that I should know one way or another by the end of the month…so I have 10 more days to chew my finger nails and attempt to not think about it–by reading The Shack, watching The Little Couple (from TLC), working, getting sick, and sleeping.

What would it mean if I got in? Well, I would spend between 3-5, 6- week summer sessions completing their MFA program, with the end result being a children’s book by moi (as my thesis). That’s right, I want to be an author. To give you more insight as to why I want to do this, I will post my STATEMENT OF PURPOSE, in the next couple days.

As for the last couple nights, well this school thing is getting into my subconscious. I’ll spare you a long recount, but two nights ago, I dreampt that I could not finish any of the short stories I was writing, as hard as I tried. And then last night, I was back in school, had a course load of 10 all new classes in a variety of different subjects (some quite ridiculous), and I came away with loads of homework in each. My advisor had somehow decided that I should do two semesters worth of courses in one…however, it felt more like a high school setting than grad school. Here’s hoping tonight I get by without these kind of reminders!

Now for some liquids. Glug, glug.

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