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Towards Bravery

Posted on: January 23, 2014

One of the most surprising compliments I have ever received was being called a brave writer. I won’t get into why it was said, the important thing is that when it was said it hit a nerve. This statement floored me. I was not a brave anything. I wanted to cry because being brave felt like this unattainable trait, like my earlier aspirations of having an olive complexion, jet black curls and a thin frame. I was born with freckles, strawberry blonde hair, hips that would take on the toasty curve, the limits of hobbit-ish height and a disposition to be more of a talker than a doer.


I will say that as the oldest of three sisters I can tend towards the protective side. This can extend to other family members and friends, but that’s about where my bravery seems to end. I’ll be brave on the behalf of others but I find it extremely difficult to rally on my own behalf. This has meant for all the story ideas I have, my portfolio is quite thin, for the men I’ve desired fewer kisses have been given and for numerous aspirations scrawled in notebooks or left to float in my head, a far shorter list has been achieved.


I’m decent at giving pep talks to other people and sometimes I even try a talk or two out on myself. When this happens I’m often in the company of friends and am processing something that I want to see change but find difficult to accomplish. I don’t like being the friend that sounds like a broken record, but sometimes I am. Do these friends inwardly sigh when I bring up a desire to exercise more, speak more honesty into a relationship or get better at organization and time management, etc.? No one has ever tossed up their hands and whined at me to “just do it!” But part of me wishes they would.


That’s not how the real work is done though, I know that. The change has to come from me (with any kind of help God will give me). The movement towards change has to come from me. What place I’ll draw from to get there, I don’t know, but I’m grabbing buckets and rope, and a strong set of oars before I hop this boat. I already know that I have a number of stops to make along the bravery-waterway, so keep your ears trained on the door. When you hear a faint knock, it might be me. To seek rest or perhaps because I’m ready to be brave.

1 Response to "Towards Bravery"

Jess! What a brave post. Don’t sell yourself short–I suspect there is more bravery inside of you than you might be able to see or feel right now. I’d love to hear more about what’s moving and shaking in your life right now…

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