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Day 1: HU 2012 or “Making…do?”

Posted on: June 17, 2012

Upon arrival to my new apartment I quickly realized, 1) I didn’t understand how to work the round thermostat and 2) I’m going have to get creative with my food choices over the next 36 hours. The first point needs no explanation, the second I will grant you the full story. Feel free to laugh out as you feel led; I am more amused than anything.

So, I am living in a campus apartment this summer, which I’m so excited about, don’t get me wrong, but is completely void of any kitchen implements. This, my flat-mate and I were warned about, which led us to split a list of items to schlep down here. She’s not getting here until Sunday sometime or possibly Monday though, and she is most notably bringing pans and mixing bowls. I brought a wine opener, wooden spoons (hm., I could eat with those), metal tongs, measuring spoons and cups, an oven mitt, a can opener, and a turner spatula. It’s kind of incredible how not useful those items are without the things that often accompany them…

Who’s bringing plates and silverware? Well, without having made (or perhaps retained) a list of what I put in storage two summers ago, I’m going on a fuzzy recollection that in those couple boxes are some Tupperware, plates, cups, silverware, a thin quilt, and who knows…But watching the taxi ticker getting closer and closer to $20 (I don’t actually know what it’s called), I opted not to hunt down security, sign out a key and search through cobwebs and humming light for my somewhat forgotten boxes. Plus, I didn’t need those items right away. Of course my thinking ability might have been slightly impaired by a full day of travel on two different planes.

So off my cab driver drove, and up the stairs I went, possessed suddenly by the need to rearrange my dorm furniture to my liking. Food, smood. I would go eat out for dinner. Problem solved. Or was it? Jess, what about breakfast, lunch and dinner on Sunday? What do you do without plates/bowls, silver or plastic-ware, no microwave and no baking pans?

I would just like to say that tonight, CVS is my hero. I had dinner at a local diner (I had the foresight to ask for a plastic knife and fork set to go with my left-overs (cough, which I will be reusing), and then went on to CVS. As I walked down the aisles I had to keep reminding myself of my constraints. Thankfully I was able to score some items that are food-like. Maybe they’re not super nutritious, but I’m just glad I won’t be subsisting on dry cereal, snickers bars and chips until Sunday night. Fine, I exaggerate, but you get the point. My spoils consisted of a box of pop tarts, peanut butter crackers, Annie’s ginger cookies, individual apple sauces, a pot-pie, and a soup which actually either needs a microwave/pot (whoops), so I’ll have to track down a microwave to use on campus. Needless to say I am eager for my flat-mate to get here!

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