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Follow up from Lent

Posted on: April 11, 2012

So Lent happened. And though I am not a voracious reader ( I do enjoy reading, but I rarely finish a book in one sitting…I like to take my time), I did stick to my Lenten practice of not reading fiction, and instead reading supportive, religious texts, as well as the Bible, when I did read. Below are books that made their way into my hands and a short assessment of what I thought on each.

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter (read 50ish pages)

I appreciate her voice, and feel challenged and encouraged by her journey towards a more feminine awareness and embracing a spirituality that embraces her as a woman, all while remaining in the bounds of Christianity. Thumbs up.

Real Live Preacher (read 50ish pages)

He sure tells it like it is, with humor and heart thrown in. Very readable. Thumbs up.

A Time to Dance (read half of it and took notes)

As someone involved in dance ministry, I should have been reading books about dance in the church a long time ago. Even with this book having been published more than 15 years ago, it still offers a lot of wisdom and reminders. Thumbs up.

Hard to Dance with the Devil at Your Back (ch. 1-4)

I was grabbed by the title and the intro, which I was able to read on Amazon, but this book fell flat for me. The chapters didn’t flow in a way that kept me engaged. I like the concept of a Lenten study, but this wasn’t the one for me. When it used imagery, it was over used to create some kind of consistency that just wasn’t there. I wanted to like it. Thumbs down.

Immanuel Prayer brochure

I have participated in Immanuel prayer a number of times (and was part of a prayer group for over a year),  attended trainings on it, and had been given various literature on it, some of which I’d read, some that I hadn’t. This brochure, I hadn’t. Along with it is a booklet that I am going to read as well. Though the former make-up of my Immanuel Prayer group might not again be achieved, I have even more of desire to find a way to get back into having regular Immanuel Prayer times back in my week.

Circle of Seasons (chapter on Lent)

I bought this off of Amazon and appreciate the structure of the book and the way she guides the reader through the liturgical seasons of the Church year with suggestions, personal stories, and reflections. Thumbs up!

Overall, I really appreciated this discipline, and a couple of nights ago when I was feeling down and discouraged, I picked up another book off of my shelf I had yet to read (Fifteen Faces of God) and read the chapter on ‘optimism’. I felt encouraged, and a bit more hopeful. I share this, because, now that picking up any number of religious books on my shelves feel less foreign to me, I am doing it more readily. Amen.

1 Response to "Follow up from Lent"

Sounds like some good positive reading material :). I tried to read the Dance of the Dissident Daughter a number of years ago, but couldn’t get into it. Perhaps I’ll try again. Also, Michigan City is SOON!

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